‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Spoilers: Damon Dies, Sees Elena In Finale?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Spoilers: Damon Dies, Sees Elena In Finale?

So when you see, you want it to win. And when all is said and done, after going through such a trauma, to be able to grow old and die with your one true love is a beautiful solace in an otherwise difficult time. And you could see it onscreen. It was a very tumultuous back-and-forth relationship. His love for Elena makes him want to protect his birthtown instead of destroying it, as was his original purpose when he arrived. They form a rocky friendship. Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he’s worth saving. Elena begins to reciprocate Damon’s feelings for her, though continues to love Stefan.

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That’s the difference between the two of them. Stefan is a needy manipulative jerk, who wanted Katherine, Elena, his father and his mother to love him at the expense of Damon. Well I do think Damon is the best for Elena. Well, the fact that Damon is such a selfless person. And I do want Damon to be loved by everyone and there is this one person that will love him no matter what and that, that love can change him. We all know everyone in there thinks Damon is such a bitchy, dangerous, and the one who always sabotage things guy.

Aaliyah and Damon Dash met in the Spring or Summer of They had met when Aaliyah returned to her birthplace of New York and was at a party. Damon’s sister Stacey who was a former actress on.

I mean, she was. We loved each other, but she was also the only person I’ve ever met who actually believed that my brother was worth loving. And she reminded me that I used to believe that about him too. Her faith in him, it brought Damon and me back together, and yeah, I loved her, more than I thought I could love somebody else, but I think in the end I needed him more than I needed her.

Similar to how both Stefan and Damon were in love with Katherine , they later both fell in love with Elena. Unlike Katherine, she did not enjoy both of their love for her. She initially dated Stefan and had a rocky relationship with Damon as she was nervous, assuming he was a killer. Over time, she became Damon’s first friend and began to bring out his emotions. Elena and Damon grew closer when Stefan fell into Klaus ‘s clutches and she eventually fell in love with him, too.

However, she chose Stefan. Following her transformation into a vampires , she remembered the memories Damon made her forget and grew tired of Stefan’s desire to “fix” her instead of accepting her. Enjoying how Damon made her feel alive, her relationship with Stefan ended and she began a relationship with Damon. Damon doubted her feelings for him when it was discovered she was sired to him so had to please him.

What season does Elena and Damon date?

I refuse to change you. As for the Augustine mythology, Elena learns her dad taught Wes everything he knows and that Grayson Gilbert was trying to heal a little girl named Megan. Now that the couple is no more, will it push Elena toward Stefan? Or will Katherine swoop in and steal his heart from her death bed? Her point of view is being influenced a bit by dating the bad boy.

What if I make her bad?

“The Vampire Diaries” Season 8 is proving to be another mystery-filled series. Following that cliffhanger in the Season 7 finale, viewers are wondering if Damon survives the evil possession at all.

Edit Meredith is Latina in ethnic background. She is described to be tall, with an olive complexion, dark eyes, heavy black lashes, and loose black hair. According to Elena, she never wears make-up because she doesn’t need any. She is described as very elegant and beautiful. One of Meredith’s “distinguishing features” is that she has a “very elegant eyebrow”. Meredith is described as being tall, with Meredith being about 5’10” to 6’0″.

She is significantly taller than Bonnie who is described as very petite and small in stature and taller than Elena who is described to be of average height. Meredith has a Latin or Mediterranean appearance—she has a beautiful olive skin tone and complexion, which is described to be smooth and flawless like honey. Meredith has deep-set, dark eyes Elena thought that they were brown until she realized that they were actually gray in color , with heavy, thick, long black lashes.

Meredith’s hair is described to be medium long in length, jet black in colouring and her hair is described as being ‘loose’ implying that she wears her hair down for the vast majority of the time. Elena has said that she has a natural and raw beauty. Meredith is tall and willowy but possesses an elegant air around her.

Will They or Won’t They?

Same with Tofu and Kasumi, to a lesser extent and mostly in the TV series. Rumiko Takahashi just loves this trope. Nothing is really resolved until the very end when Kagome marries Inuyasha and Sango marries Miroku. To be fair, Miroku and Sango officially declare their commitment to each other before the end, although this is still done very late in the series.

The Vampire Diaries: Books VS Show So this is basically just a rant about the differences between the books and the tv show. Now this show is my favorite show, so don’t think that I hate it or anything.

From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She is good friends with Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is a witch born from a line of witches. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful. In the midst of season two, she starts a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena’s younger brother.

She later discovers, from warlock Luca Martin, that the only way to kill Klaus, the original vampire who wants to kill Elena, is for her to get the power of one-hundred dead witches. Once she does this, she pretends to be dead in a scheme of Damon’s to trick Klaus. But when she brings Klaus to the brink of death, Elijah does not kill him, as planned, and carries Klaus away before Bonnie could react.

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Some amazing stories written about this amazing OTP Worlds of You by ViviV reviews Elena wakes up in the woods not knowing where she was and how she got there. She goes home to find everything different from what she remembers. She had traveled not through time but through universes.

‘Vampire Diaries’ star Ian Somerhalder on his producing I think that after Stefan finds a way to become human he should meet Elena all over again and start dating, and Caroline should stay.

Her elder sister was Miranda , whose best friend, Kelly Donovan , frequently babysat and later partied with her. She was a frequent recreational drug user, and was in love with Logan Fell , a fellow student. Jenna had a sexual relationship with John Gilbert , the younger brother of Grayson , Miranda’s husband. However, their relationship ended badly, and she ended up hating him. Jenna later dated Logan, and fell in love with him.

The two had a happy relationship, however, their relationship, just like her one with John, ended badly.

Why Nina Dobrev Is Leaving The Vampire Diaries

Edit Vicki was born on August 20, and is the older sister of Matt. The rest of her background is vague, but she mentioned that her father was never around and wasn’t worth knowing. At some point, she began taking drugs to escape her domestic problems. At the beginning of the school year , Vicki was working as a waitress at the Mystic Grill and had to deal with the problems occasioned to her by Jeremy Gilbert.

A shared interest in sex and drugs led Vicki to maintain a sexual relationship with Jeremy during the summer, but this ended when Jeremy developed genuine feelings for her. She tried to avoid him as much as possible and later began dating her former boyfriend Tyler.

the vampire diaries // best TVD scene Find this Pin and more on TVD by Alexis Rock. the vampire diaries Ohhh myyyy gooooood delena rain kiss was liiiiiifeeeee! “The Vampire Diaries” Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want her younger sister to be involved with vampires in any way. Sometimes temptation over rules morality though, and you find yoursel When John goes missing, Dean and Sam meet up again to go looking for him Going through her teenage years were supposed to be simple. She was supposed to attend her boring high school, hang out with her boring friends, and live the rest o What happens when she’s finds out her town has changed?

Will she think it’s changed for the better or the worst? Could it just be complicated? I do not own any of the characters besides Allie and her family. She barely had a heartbeat when she was birthed into this world. The doctors did everything they could, but her heart stopped beating. Miranda and Greyson prayed, and they prayed for hope.


Everything save for my original character of Daina Stackhouse belongs to those far more famous than I even want to be. Sookie simply could not believe it. He had left her alone on another Saturday night. She may not be as wild as some of her friends but come on!

The “Vampire Diaries” Defense This option might be the most likely of all — that, as she told Caroline, Elena might just magically get her memories back from Alaric once Damon returns.

That this person with whom her life has become so inextricably entwined could ever just disappear, “Eternal Sunshine” style? Well it did happen, and in a heartbreaking, walk-down-memory-lane style manner that effectively broke the hearts of one of the show’s most passionate shipper fan-bases, with the episode “Yellow Ledbetter.

Here’s how it might play out: The “True Blood” Defense As convinced as Elena seemed to be that Alaric could easily bring back her memories if Damon ever came back, we have to set ourselves up for the reality that it might not be that easy — after all, Alaric is a newbie to this glamouring game, and if this show has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Or, more accurately, to expect a wrench thrown in Elena’s plans for a happily ever after.

The relationship between Hoyt and Jessica never took center-stage quite like Damon and Elena’s did on “Vampire Diaries,” but it was still the most sweet, natural, and ultimately healthy relationship on the show. Yes, Jessica strayed, but she approximately years-old and dealing with the horrors of vampirism.

Also, she and Hoyt both agreed that they didn’t want children, while Sookie was never going to fit with Eric or Bill because she very much wanted to have a family. Hoyt and Jessica were apart for a solid year, but despite the absence of Hoyt’s memories when they re-connected, the love between the two was so strong that he instantly felt it all over again.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ – How Different Is The Show From The Book?

Have a nice human life, Katherine. She is a 19 year old vampire who was turned with Damon Salvatore ‘s blood. She used to live with Jeremy at Maple Street , but she moved out when he became a member of The Five , and later burned down the house after his death. Elena is best friends with Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes.

She was best friends with Bonnie Bennett too until Bonnie’s death.

In the books, Judith does not approve the relationship of Elena and Stefan, but she wants Elena with Damon. In the series, Jenna agrees with the relationship of Elena and Stefan, but she worries about her niece when she is with Damon.

We saw her coffin in a flashback and Damon said he was waiting for her. And still, we are all holding out hope that pretty please with a cherry on top … Nina will come back to the show for at least one final episode before the end. But in the world of the show, none of that matters. He always ends up in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, from terrible boyfriends to amazing ones, Stefan shows up with not one, but two kinds of fries.

God, that man is perfect. Appropriately, Caroline says I love you … both to Stef and to the fries. The pair of them seem so cute and perfect until suddenly Caroline has weird contractions and collapses in the bed.

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You just announced a pod deal with Warner Bros. What kind of shows do you want to make? All kinds of shows — scripted, unscripted, drama, comedy, docuseries, digital, all of it.

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Season 8 16 full episodes, 13 clips available Episode 16 – I Was Feeling Epic 1 year ago In the series finale, Stefan and Damon fight their greatest enemy in a final battle to save Mystic Falls. Episode 15 – We’re Planning a June Wedding 1 year ago A shotgun wedding is planned so that Damon and Stefan can lure a dangerous enemy out into the open. This looming threat puts the fate of Mystic Falls in eminent danger and must be destroyed. Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric address their daughters’ burgeoning magical powers.

Stefan is held captive by an unexpected acquaintance and must expose a dark secret from his past. Episode 12 – What Are You? Alaric and Matt refuse to hand the journal over as it may contain the key to destroying Cade. Caroline desperately tries to connect with Stefan before Cade goes through with his plan. Despite mounting tension in their friendship, Caroline and Matt do their best to protect the town’s residents from Cade’s appetite for their souls. Episode 10 – Nostalgia’s a Bitch 2 years ago Sybil seeks vengeance on Damon by putting him in a catatonic state.

Caroline and Bonnie enter Damon’s mind and encounter familiar faces from the past, only to discover Stefan is the key to Damon’s fate. Sybil and her sister Seline contend for the bell and control.

3×09 Damon & Elena Bathroom scene – Vampire Diaries Homecoming

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