4. Buying Advice

4. Buying Advice

KG is a German manufacturer of musical instruments, founded in by Matthias Hohner — Guitars Musician’s Friend Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Guitars at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of Kid Guitarist Unbiased Children’s Guitar … Reviews of the best quality children’s beginner electric, acoustic and classical guitars, How to Find the Best Jazz Guitar For You … This buyer’s guide helps you find the best jazz guitar for you, your tastes, and body type. Archtop, Semi-Hollow, Solid Body, buying tips, and more. Since I have been a long time owner of a Hohner G acoustic, when I started that

Hohner MS Replacement Reed Plates

Description Tradlessons delivers the absolute best sounding Accordion apps for Android! Hohner announces the introduction of a series of revolutionary new accordion apps for Android: Modeled on the layout of Hohner’s iconic Corona Classic diatonic accordion, these intuitive virtual accordion apps feature a super responsive, three-row fingerboard that plays and sounds like the traditional instrument. The app is optimized for devices with a screen size of 7″ or higher but is still quite playable on smaller screens.

Your playing experience may vary on each device, especially concerning multitouch functionality and speed. Please take advantage of the Google Play Store minute trial period to see if the app performs well on your specific device:

It is truly an ancient instrument and has been found in various forms dating back to ancient Greece. Here are few recommended accordion manufacturers: Hohner Accordions and Frans Van Der Aa Accordions.

Buying Advice If you are reading this there is at least a possibility that you are interested in buying a concertina, so I shall proceed on that assumption. Since the first version of this FAQ was written in the landscape for buyers of concertinas has changed radically. Back then if you wanted to buy new then either there was a handful of makers making expensive but superlative instruments at a rate of a few a year or there was Bastari now Stagi making fairly cheap but not so nice accordion-reed based concertinas.

Most people bought an old instrument that had been renovated. Such concertinas varied between just about passible and superb, with prices to match. For old instruments not much has changed except the price, which has always increased. It’s in the area of new instruments that things are so different. Now there is a whole raft of new makers on the scene, serving every level of the market place from beginner to accomplished professional. It is said that – was a “golden age” of concertina making.

That may be so, but we are perhaps living through a concertina “silver age” right now. So, on with the discussion: For instance here are a few guidelines you may hear on the uses to which you might put the various types of concertina as you will see, I take this with a pinch of salt myself: If you want to play in groups or ensembles of concertinas, go for an English concertina.

Who invented the harmonica?

Wilf 11 Comments blues harp , harmonica lessons , Harmonica tab , Harp tab , Hohner , Hohner MS , learn harmonica , learn to play , play harmonica , reedplates , replacement reedplates , what harp to buy Playing harmonica with thick specs Otis, the Harp Surgery postman, stopped in this morning for a nice cup of tea and a sit down. Clive is now a great blues harp specialist who performs around the South of England.

I have recently fitted the thicker reed plates normal.

We have over songbooks for the accordion for every style of music. We also have about 1, pages of sheet music dating back to the early ’s.

Tejano Conjunto Festival in its 36th Year: The Texas Hill Country-based festival is the oldest and largest of its kind, not only in the region or state, but the entire nation. Organizers anticipate attendance of more than 5, Conjunto music lovers from across the Lone Star State, the country, as well as from Mexico. Festival fun will include such special events as a free Seniors Conjunto Dance, the presentation of Conjunto Music Hall of Fame inductees for at a gala event; the Tejano Conjunto Festival Poster Contest, an accordion tuning workshop, and the opportunity to win a first-class Hohner accordion.

Petersburg The Conjunto genre was developed in South Texas towards the end of the 19th century. When East European and German settlers brought accordions, polkas, and waltzes to the state, the blending of cultures and musical tastes eventually fully amalgamated into Tejano conjunto, including four-piece bands which entertain the crowds via the mixture of sounds of a bajo sexto, a button accordion, drums, and an electric bass. For a full timetable and to purchase your tickets in advance, please visit the festival website link provided here.

Experience this lively music, its following, and the flurry of festive activity it fosters here in the Texas Hill Country.

Accordion Centre Birmingham

These videos were taken a few days ago at the Young Conquerors Parade The star-studded affair will take place on Saturday, June 2, beginning at 6: The festival is free and open to the music-loving public. Festival goers wanting seats in the pavilion area can pick up their free tickets the day of the festival at the Miller Box Office or become members of Texas Folklife and receive up to four reserved tickets.

The young accordionists will perform, and by the end of the night, the new Grand-Prize-Winner will be selected by a panel of esteemed judges and the festival crowd. After the crowd has been primed by the young squeezeboxers, the accordion legends and stars will take over the stage.

Festival fun will include such special events as a free Seniors Conjunto Dance, the presentation of Conjunto Music Hall of Fame inductees for at a gala event; the Tejano Conjunto Festival Poster Contest, an accordion tuning workshop, and the opportunity to win a first-class Hohner accordion.

Keymaster Alan, this is potentially groundbreaking! Is there any chance of a photo from Bruno for verification? Where is this from? Is it from Hohner? Interestingly, it says that the first Hohner melodica was the button Soprano in , followed by the piano melodicas in This would go against the idea of a Pro 36 being made in … Translation: The History of Melodica In the s, the development of a new musical instrument was advanced at Hohner, which would ideally meet the requirements of musical early childhood and overcome the disadvantages of the then-common instruments e.

A visually attractive instrument with great musical expressiveness was desired.


By the early s, the terms disc jockey and DJ were in use to describe radio presenters. During WWII, because of restrictions set in place by the Nazi occupiers, jazz dance halls in Occupied France played records instead of using live music. By , the term was used in Paris to describe any of these type of nightclubs.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, he is also a prolific songwriter, writing almost all of his songs on his double row Hohner accordion. Cedric’s songs channel his diverse ancestry (African, French, Native American and Spanish) to create his own brand of sounds.

April 4, I own an accordion. I used to own two of them. It’s hard to describe the look on my wife’s face when I brought them home. It reminded me of her reaction to “natural” childbirth. One of my accordions was destroyed when I made the common consumer mistake of leaving it outdoors for 14 months. But I still have the other one, a Hohner “Student” model.

It sits on a filing cabinet in my office, and sometimes, when I’m having trouble thinking up major issues to have opinions about, I amuse myself by causing it to make a scary wailing noise and swoop down at my two dogs, Earnest and Zippy, who jump up violently and bang their heads against the table they sleep under. Earnest and Zippy hate the Hohner “Student. But I like my accordion, although it is not in the best of shape, a fact that has me deeply concerned, in light of an article from The Winona Minn.

Daily News sent in by alert reader Mike Jones. I can’t believe we would let this happen. We’re talking about a vital part of our nation’s history, dating back to the early s, when each generation would seek to pass the secrets of accordion repair on to the next. Son, it’s time for me to pass along the secrets of accordion repair.

Who invented the harmonica?

As for jazz many people necrophiles? Here are for now what we thought you’d better know. Mail us if you need any price infos. Those who are fans of the incredible drummer Tatsuya Yoshida will be soon rewarded by a flow of releases, events and reissues, just have a look here!

I provide private lessons for piano, composition and theory, songwriting, accordion, and ukulele. I have over 20 years of music experience, over 10 years of teaching experience, and have played with classical music ensembles, experimental jazz bands, folk bands, and rock bands.

For those of you that are unaware, this perhaps deserves some explanation. Indeed it was Shand who inspired and part designed the instrument, together with Venanzio Morino, chief designer at Hohner at the time. Jimmy Shand had an idea for improving the response of the three row accordion and together with Charles Forbes his employer at the time and Morino they designed and built the Hohner Special in As always, let use start from the outside.

The Shand Morino went through a number of design perturbations during its twenty five year production run. The bass end has bass buttons, an unusual number.

The First Hohner Melodica and Clones

Several of the reeds stick, producing no sound First and foremost i recommend you take your harmonica to a professional for repair. But the problem can be many things that you can fix with a little patience. FIrst youll need to open up your harmonica and look at the condition of the reeds the plate with the slits. If they are rusted or warped they have been poorly maintained as water will rust the metal saliva.

This classic model, most likely dating from the ’s, is extremely lightweight and compact for a full size accordion. Despite featuring the full range of bass buttons and 41 treble keys, the casework of this Hohner Carena IIM Bass Accordion is quite a bit smaller than the majority of larger accordions.

Missin – Details How much is my old harmonica worth? This is probably the question I get asked the most by email and the best answer I can give is that like anything else, an old harmonica is worth whatever someone is willing to pay you for it. I know that probably doesn’t help very much, but unlike used cars and collectible pottery, there is no “blue book” of used harmonica prices.

If you think you’ve found a valuable old treasure in the attic, it’s likely that you are going to be disappointed. Whilst old guitars are often considered to be “vintage”, old harmonicas are generally considered to be merely something that has been in someone else’s mouth. Harmonicas were made literally by the thousand and even sometimes by the million Hohner, just one of the many companies to have manufactured them, produced their one billionth harmonica more than a quarter century ago.

Even though many of them were quickly consigned to the garbage by parents with headaches, there are still a lot of them out there in boxes of unwanted toys, belongings of deceased relatives, junk stores and so on. The chances are, if your harmonica just looks like a harmonica, then it probably isn’t worth much at all.

Impasse des Vertus. French musette waltz, Hohner Organola accordion.

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